File Submission

Thank you for using our file transfer module. Please enter your information below, attach your files and click “Upload”

When uploading your files, please take note of the following items:

  • Make sure they are high resolution pdf’s
  • OPI must turned off
  • Security settings must be turned off
  • Do not put crop marks on pages
  • Color must be CMYK process. No RGB or pantone. If you do not send us CMYK artwork we will convert your files to CMYK and “color shifting” may occur.
  • Black must be only black. No registration or rich black accepted.
  • Total Ink Coverage for color should be less than 242%
  • All fonts must be embedded or turned to outlines
  • All reverse and color type to be 12pt or larger. No type smaller than 7 pt.
  • Include document size and trim size if product is to be trimmed. Artwork must have 0.25″ for bleed on all sides for stitched products.

Adobe Photoshop Requirements:

  1. Resolution should be set for 300 dpi and mode to CMYK on color
  2. Resolution should be set for 300 dpi and mode to Grayscale for black and white images
  3. Save files as “JPEG” or “TIFF” with Maximum quality.