At Susquehanna Printing, we are newsprint periodical specialists. We have long expertise in coldset printing starting in the mid-1860s when J.A. Steinman purchased the daily Lancaster newspaper. We’ve been excelling at custom newsprint printing uninterrupted since that time. Our original offset press locations were in downtown Lancaster and in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. In 2020, we moved our printing facility to Greenfield, in Lancaster, and installed our new Goss Universal 70 press.

Our long history of newsprint printing excellence makes Susquehanna Printing the perfect choice for your newspaper or tabloid. We have customers in many industries, including agricultural news, local news, faith-based organizations, trade publications, grocery circulars, retail circulars, and many more.


Tabloid refers to a newsprint format that is smaller than a traditional broadsheet newspaper and opens like a book with the spine on the left. The product can be finished with the pages either bound or unbound. We can print tabloid sizes of 11-3/8 x 12 to 11-3/8 x 17.

Tabloids are a flexible and affordable option for many types of industries including schools, the arts, events, and real estate. Examples of our periodical customers in tabloid size include:

  • The New Jersey Jewish News, which has been in existence for 70 years
  • Scoop USA, a periodical serving the African American community in Philadelphia, Chester, Camden NJ, and Wilmington DE for over 60 years.
  • The Maple News, a monthly periodical in Vermont with maple industry news.



Broadsheet refers to longer newsprint sheets that are typically folded in half, then opened like a book with the spine on the left\ and not bound. Broadsheet is the classic choice for newspapers but of course it can be used for any industry. It can even be used for special projects such as lookbooks and puzzlebooks. Our largest broadsheet customer is LNP, the daily newspaper of Lancaster Pennsylvania. LNP is part of an uninterrupted 225+ history of daily broadsheet newspaper service in Lancaster.

Whether you choose broadsheet or tabloid format for your periodical, Susquehanna Printing offers flexibility in color, page count, dimensions, paper weight, and post-press inserting. All this, plus affordable pricing and fast turnaround.


Once your product is printed, we have our own fleet of trucks to deliver it to you on pallets. Or, if you prefer mail, we can inkjet addresses on labels or directly on your periodical. We have a U.S. Postal Service mail clerk on site who can then pre-certify your periodical mailing so that when we deliver it to the local Post Office it can directly enter the mail stream.

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