Full-color postcards are an effective marketing tactic to get your business’s message to a targeted audience. Postcards are a great way to promote sales, new products, new services, and new team members. Recipients can immediately see what the offer is right at the top of their mail stack, with no need to open an envelope. Postcards are attention-getting mini-billboards, right in the consumer’s hand.

The strategic use of postcards can benefit many industries including real estate, retail, home services, lawn and garden services, and more. Virtually any business that wants to deliver an eye-catching piece directly to the home of a qualified audience should consider a postcard campaign.

Tips for Printing Postcards

Susquehanna Printing’s postcard printing services uses our digital press to print your postcards in brilliant color in a variety of sizes, including 4.25” x 6”, 5.5” x 8.5” and 6” x11″. Our printing team can advise you on the best cardstock thickness and finishes to use for your postcard project. For example, when your budget allows, a choice of thicker cardstock can be better because it  lasts longer and feels more impactful to the recipient. Choosing an uncoated cardstock, at least on one side, can be important if you want your recipients to write on the postcard. It is difficult to write on coated stock except with a permanent marker.

If you will be mailing your postcard, try to avoid embellishments such as UV coating or rounded corners because these additions may make your card difficult, if not impossible, to mail. With regard to design, it’s important to leave space for mailing address information as well as postage indicia. The use of thin fonts on uncoated stock should be avoided because ink will spread out more on uncoated stock, thus reducing the clarity of your font.  


Our direct mail team can assist you with choosing the best postal delivery option for your campaign to ensure timeliest delivery with greatest cost savings. If you don’t have your own mailing list, we can procure a highly targeted list of relevant recipients who will be interested in your message. Whether you are mailing locally, in Lancaster County PA, or mailing nationally, our team will ensure the best possible postal process for your postcard campaign.

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