On-Site Mail Verification and Postage Optimization

In addition to having a detached mail unit (DMU) in-house with a United States Postal Service (USPS) clerk on site, we are also Seamless Acceptance approved. Seamless Acceptance greatly reduces the mail verification time because most verifications are now done electronically. This allows mail to depart our docks much faster and enter the mail stream earlier. Better yet, we are also eInduction approved. This means that the days of lost hard copy 8125 forms, and delays at the intended drop point Post Offices, are in the past. With eInduction, proof of payment is verified by a scan of the pallet placard without any physical paperwork. These processes are a testament to our postal expertise, and means that we do not have to ship mail to a Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) to be offloaded and verified, then re-loaded and shipped to its intended drop point. Instead, we are able to take mail to the Post Office pre-verified and ready to enter the mail stream. Working with a Lancaster County printer that also has an on-site mail unit will save your business time and money in direct mail marketing.

Optimized Postal Programs  

From start to finish, we tailor a mailing process specific to each client’s needs to ensure the most cost effective and efficient mailing possible. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach. We analyze each mail piece to ensure it is set up properly for the best postage discounts before printing and offer recommendations for changes where applicable. This includes data hygiene to eliminate duplicate and incorrect records in your mailing database, fine tuning presorts to maximize direct containers, and drop shipment analysis to take advantage of any discounts available for delivering the mail closer to its destination.

Mail Data Processing 

We use BBC Mail Manager™ software to increase the efficiency of print production workflows while simultaneously maximizing postal discounts for our customers. This end-to-end software sorts each data list, creates all files and documentation required by the USPS in order to submit a mailing. BCC Mail Manager supports low, medium and high-volume mailings, all of which are USPS CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) and PAVE™ (Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation) certified, thus ensuring complete compliance with ever-changing USPS regulations.

List Cleaning and Mailing Data Hygiene 

Verified Address Formatting  

By processing each data list through the CASS™ process, we verify the accuracy of each record to ensure they are in the proper standardized format for mailing. This means that your mailings are sure to be delivered, whether in Lancaster County or anywhere in the country. Without CASS™ certification, you may waste money on pieces that are not delivered thus driving up your costs and reducing your mailing effectiveness.

Merge/Purge (de-dupe) Processing 

Our skilled mailing experts can purge duplicates (by address only or name + address) from client-supplied mailing databases. This process cleans up the client’s data and saves postage so that duplicate records are not mailed. This makes your company look good by avoiding the sloppiness of duplicate mailings, and also results in a better experience for mailing recipients.

NCOA™ (National Change of Address) 

As required by the USPS at least once every 95 days for First Class and Marketing Mail, we use NCOA™ process to ensure all client lists are USPS Move Update compliant before mailing. NCOA™ matches customer supplied records to the USPS database of address changes. After the process is run, we supply all address changes and/or undeliverable addresses back to the client to update their master database.

Delivery Tracking 

USPS Full Service Compliant 

By having the ability to apply unique barcodes (IMb’s) to each mail piece, unique barcodes to each container (IMcb’s) as well as providing electronic documentation to the USPS by way of mail dat, we are in full compliance with USPS regulations. Susquehanna Printing has the in-depth expertise needed to guide your mailing through this process in the most efficient and effective manner.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting 

Should you want tracking on your mail pieces, we can embed tracking throughout your data list. As the USPS processes the mail on their equipment, the scans are automatically retrieved so you know when your mail pieces arrive to the intended audience. This process assures complete peace of mind for our clients. There is no wondering when, and if, a direct mail campaign has reached its intended audience.

List Procurement 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) 

We specialize in all USPS direct mail programs including Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is a cost-effective, targeted direct mail solution for small businesses in Lancaster County, or anywhere in the U.S., to get the most value for their direct mail dollar. No names or addresses need to be provided by the business. EDDM allows you to target your direct mail by demographic attributes such as median age, median household size, and median income, along with geographic attributes such as route, residential/commercial, zip code, and neighborhood.

If EDDM isn’t what you need, we have very extensive list procurement capabilities to provide you with the perfect list for your campaign. Our case studies page demonstrates our ability to achieve significant postal savings for our customers.

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