Marketing brochures are a tried-and-true way to showcase your business’s products and services. A well-designed, crisply printed brochure entices the reader to contact your business. Brochures have a long shelf-life and can be shared among friends and family. Brochures are considered a showcase representation of your brand quality, especially because consumers will compare different brand brochures to each other. For your brochure to stand out, you need quality design and printing.

Tips for Printing Brochures

Brochures are usually printed on glossy paper and folded for easy display on tabletops and in racks, or for easy insertion. An advantage of brochures is that they have lots of space available to tell your business’s story. Because of the folding, your brochure has a natural panel layout that helps organize your content.  

Your brochure should be designed with a specific audience in mind, such as families on vacation, homeowners, or pet owners. You’ll want to include memorable photography, snappy copy, and your brand logo and colors. The brochure should include a call to action (such as “Call us and mention offer code ABC to get 20% off”) to encourage readers to respond quickly.


When designing your brochure, it’s best to use the services of a professional designer. You want to make sure your brochure represents your brand in the best possible way, and professional design is the way to make that happen. A professional designer will ensure that your images are high-resolution, and also that the front of the brochure makes a strong visual impact.

Susquehanna Printing has many types of paper stock to choose from for your next brochure project. Whether your business is in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the U.S., our digital printing team will produce your brochure with great pricing, on-time service, and brilliant colors.


When your brochures are completed, we can deliver them to your office using our own fleet of trucks, or we can insert into envelopes and mail your brochures using our in-house mailing services. Need a list? Our mailing team has full list-sourcing capabilities to mail your brochures anywhere in Lancaster PA or across the U.S.

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