Newsletters are the right choice to communicate important news about your organization. Newsletters are an affordable method of communication that doesn’t rely on people having an email address. Because of this, newsletters are perfect for children’s clubs and senior citizen groups. Newsletters are useful for non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and government groups. Newsletters are flexible, adaptable, quick to produce, and easy to distribute. 

If your organization is a non-profit or club, use newsletters to convey changes in your organization, upcoming events, fundraising activities, or just regular monthly meeting notes. You can distribute newsletters in-person, or you can post them on noticeboards or put them in mailboxes. If your organization is for-profit, such as a retail store, newsletters are a great way to inform customers about monthly in-store activities like demonstrations or events. You can display newsletters on a table, at the check-out counter, or you can insert them into customer’s shopping bags. 

Tips for Printing Newsletters

Susquehanna Printing’s digital printing press can print your newsletters in bright color or, if you prefer the most affordable option, black and white. We offer a variety of paper weights and finishes so that you can select the best look for your newsletter project. Susquehanna Printing can print your newsletters in a variety of sizes, including 4.15”x5.5”, 6”x9”, 8.5”x11”, and 17”x11”. Newsletter can be printed single-sided or double-sided. Finishing options for multi-page newsletters include collation and stapling.


If your business is in our delivery area, we can shrink wrap and deliver your newsletters directly to your location using our in-house fleet of trucks. Or, if you prefer to mail your newsletters directly to your membership list, Susquehanna Printing has a full-service mailing team that can get you the best discounts on postage.  

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