Training manuals may be needed in many business departments, including sales, IT, management, customer service, safety, and others. Training manuals are an effective way to communicate essential information that your employees need to perform their best. Training manuals need to be clear, well-organized, and easy to update.  

Tips for Printing Training Manuals

Training manuals need regular updates because standard operating procedures (SOPs) and external regulations are in a constant state of flux. For this reason, a good solution for binding your training manual is to use a 3-ring binder.  

The advantages of three ring binders for training manuals are many: 


  • Easily add, remove or change pages or sections of your training manual as-needed. 
  • Organize the manual into sections with a table of contents, making it easy for your employees to find the specific information they need. 
  • Tabbed dividers for the sections can be color-coded for even easier visual cues to the different sections of content. 
  • There are a variety of spine widths to accommodate the number of pages you need. 
  • Your employees can use the internal pockets for hand-outs or notes during training sessions. 
  • We can print a glossy cover for your binder that is inserted behind the clear plastic panel. This cover can have your company’s branding and can be updated each year if needed. 

Using a 3-ring binder for your training manual means that your pages should be printed on 8.5”x11” paper using our digital press. When your training manual project is completed, we can shrink-wrap and ship your new manuals to you if your business is in our delivery area.  

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