Susquehanna Printing has a team of experienced, skilled designers who are ready to help your project look its best. Check out our prepress guidelines for helpful information about file requirements, fonts, bleed, ink density, and more.


Our pre-press team provides quality control of customer-submitted files to ensure all items are present and correctly formatted. The preflight process is essential to keep your project running on schedule and to protect against costly mistakes during printing.

During preflight processing, our team will: 

  • Make color corrections, validate required color profiles, ensure correct color separation.
  • Check for correct color format (CMYK) and remove any RBG colors.
  • Check for correct resolution of images, alert customer if new images are needed.
  • Clean up any resizing or conversion artifacts.
  • Confirm layout is correct on digital proofs and share these proofs with customer.
  • Ensure proper amount of bleed, confirm crop marks if needed.
  • Confirm trapping requirements such as overprints, choke, spreads, and knockouts.
  • Confirm availability of embedded images and graphics.
  • Confirm accessibility/compatibility of fonts.
  • Correct image file formats as needed.

Supported Software (Mac and PC) 

  • Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat).
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint).

Design and Layout

Need help designing or laying out your piece? Our graphic design team has deep knowledge of design best practices and printing technology which allows us to create custom design solutions that are ready for optimal print quality. Some of the design elements we can help with include:

  • Layout of projects such as newsletters and brochures
  • Print design for marketing materials, annual reports, and post cards.
  • Design evaluation to ensure materials you have designed have a pleasing combination of colors, shapes, and layout to enhance your brand image.


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