Businesses are complex operations with multiple departments, teams, products, and services. The business and financial annual report is a great way to tell the story of how your business performed financially in the prior year and the reasons for that performance. Business and financial annual reports are generally intended for the current investors and stakeholders in a company, but they are also useful for attracting new investors.  

With a business and financial annual report, you can capture changes in market conditions, demand, and competitive landscape. In the annual report you can celebrate your business’s success in navigating this complexity, and also reveal your creative preparations for the future. Susquehanna Printing can print a polished, professional business and financial annual report that reflects your business’s brand.  

Tips for Printing Business and Financial Annual Reports


  • Your business and financial annual report should start with a letter from your business’s chairman. This letter should summarize key developments in the past year, including new company initiatives and challenges, plus insight into the “why” of growth or decline.
  • Next your business and financial annual report should contain a profile of your business with all the relevant facts. Commonly included facts include number of employees, investor profile (if applicable), products and services, competitive profile, and a risk analysis.
  • The third section should provide an in-depth analysis of topics such as three-year business trends, major changes in sales and marketing strategies, new product or service initiatives, new hires, and acquisitions.
  • Finally, the annual report should contain your financial statements, including cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, and statement to shareholders (if applicable).


Design and Material

  • Design– A clean, uncluttered design is essential for readability. Good use of headings, sub-headings, and bullet point lists will help guide the reader. Highlight key points with infographics and charts. Overall, keep your body copy simple and to the point. People have less and less time to read, so you don’t want them to have to hunt for information.
  • Material– Printing on newsprint is the most cost-effective approach. The use of high-bright newsprint paper will boost the impact of your graphics and lend a polished look to the finished product. Susquehanna Printing is the leading resource in the mid-Atlantic region for coldset newsprint printing on high-bright paper stock. Putting your business and financial annual report in a glossy coated cover provides a magazine feel at a fraction of the magazine cost.


To distribute your business and financial annual report to your stakeholders and investors, you’ll most likely want some copies delivered to your offices, and some copies mailed. Susquehanna Printing has its own fleet of  delivery vehicles if your office is within our region. In addition, Susquehanna Printing has a  U.S. Postal Service clerk on-site 5 days  a week. This means that we can pre-certify your  periodical mailing before it gets to the Post Office so that it enters the mail stream faster.

Your success is our success

Whether your business is in a Pennsylvania County such as Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia, or another county, or in any state such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware, Susquehanna Printing is your best option for fast, cost-effective printing of your business and financial annual reports. 

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