Printed shoppers and circulars are a time-honored method of driving store traffic and revenue. According to a study by Nielsen, 80% of U.S. households use circulars and other traditional printed material for shopping information and sales. Consumers use this information when planning their shopping trips to find deals, but also to spark ideas that generate unplanned purchases. Most consumers like to combine offers in printed circulars with digital coupons to optimize their shopping experience. In fact, Nielsen’s research showed that consumers use at least eight sources of information, both print and digital, to learn about products and plan their shopping.

Tips for printing shoppers and circulars

Printing your shoppers and circulars on newsprint is an excellent choice because it is such an affordable paper. Newsprint is a very thin paper stock, so if you are mailing your circulars you will save on postage. Our advanced color printing capabilities mean that photos of your products will look bright and appealing.

Susquehanna Printing has expertise in the printing and insertion of shoppers and circulars. For the Pocket Total Market Coverage (TMC) product, we insert up to 10 circulars each week, varying by zone, for over 100,000 Lancaster County addresses. We mail Pocket weekly, with in-home delivery every Wednesday. Read more about our success in producing significant cost savings for Pocket here.

We also do extensive inserting into the weekly Lancaster Farming newspaper, with over 40 pages of circulars inserted each week. We handle insertions for the LNP daily newspaper which has zoned insertion requirements varying by day of week for nearly 60,000 subscribers. These insertions come from many types of businesses including retail, grocery, dining, pet supplies, pharmacy, department stores, apparel stores, and more.

Combine our printing services with our finishing services (slitting, online folding, offline folding, stitching, and trimming) allow us to create a full-service solution for your shoppers and circulars.


If you are not inserting your shoppers and circulars with us, our in-house U.S. Postal Service mail clerk and our shipping fleet ensure that your shoppers and circulars will be delivered wherever you choose, quickly and cost effectively.

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