A detached address card (also called a D-card or a D.A.L. card) is a postcard that is printed with the delivery addresses for a publication (e.g., a magazine) but is not attached to the publication. D-cards are free standing but because they mail with the magazine, they act just like an ink-jetted or adhesive label to deliver the magazine to the correct recipient. Find tips for printing D-cards on our postcards page.

The advantages of a  D-card are many:

1. Advantages for the magazine publisher

New Revenue Stream
The back of the D-card is empty and can be sold to advertisers as an ad position since it can be printed with the advertiser’s message. This is a premium position, akin to the cover or back page of the publication. In addition, your publication’s inventory for D-card ads will be limited to the number of issues you have per year, which can create demand for this space.

Cost Savings
D-cards save money by eliminating ink-jetting and labelling.

Streamline Workflow
D-cards can be printed with both the delivery addresses and the advertising message in advance of printing the magazine, thus simplifying and speeding the mail workflow.

Design Enhancement
D-cards eliminate the need to leave an empty space on the magazine cover for ink-jetting and also eliminate the need for an adhesive address label to be stuck on the cover. This means that the design of the magazine cover can be clean and uncluttered.

2. Advantages for the magazine advertiser

Cost Savings
The D-card is treated as First Class mail yet carries a significantly lower cost. 

High impact
Your advertising message has the impact of a solo piece in the mailbox because it is not an insert and is not bulk mail. 

Susquehanna Printing’s digital press team is ready to print D-cards for your publication to ensure a speedy and expedited mailing workflow. Your business can save money by eliminating address labels and ink-jetting, while creating a new revenue stream through selling the back of the card as an advertising position. Take advantage of this mailing enhancement to benefit your publishing business.

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